The Benefits of HR Digitalisation

Digital HR has grown considerably over the last decade, with many organisations now using some form of digitalisation for their HR functions.  

HR Digitalisation is transactional and transformational. Transactional includes processes like payroll and leave management, whereas transformational includes talent management business intelligence. Here are 4 Benefits of HR Digitalisation: 

Boost the Efficiency of HR Processes 

HR can speed things up by using digital management systems for payroll, leave application, benefits management and other HR-related matters.  

All HR needs can be consolidated under one digital platform, so employees are more likely to engage and complete tasks without switching from applications. Such an arrangement also keeps managers and supervisors updated on HR matters, and they can immediately approve any employee’s application.  

Improve the Employee Experience 

Millennials will check their social media account during office hours, but they will also check work emails on weekends. As such, they want employers to provide them with a customer’s user experience when it comes to the digital work environment. 

Enterprise social platforms like Slack, Yammer, and Workplace by Facebook allow employees to work closely together on group activities and tasks and keep all users updated on the latest developments.  

Stronger Alignment Between Business Strategy and People Management 

Business intelligence like workforce planning and people data helps organisations better align to the business strategy.  

For example, if an organisation wants to branch out to a new set of services, data could identify employees with the right skills or those who need to be upskilled, preparing the workforce to achieve this new goal. 

Better Employee Development 

HR digitalisation helps in learning and development activities. It can facilitate employee development from training courses to performance appraisal. Regular appraisals boost employee morale and encourage them to maintain high-quality work.


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