Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Find The Best Talent By Creating A Customised Recruitment Process With Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The success of any organisation is tied to the quality of its labour force yet companies are facing mounting challenges in managing the highly mobile and diverse workforce. As a result, businesses are investing heavily in sourcing and retaining highly skilled talents. Address your workforce concerns and improve talent sourcing with TG Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions.

TG designs and executes customised talent acquisition and recruitment strategies and processes through leveraging on in-market knowledge of the type of employees our clients are seeking.


We seek to understand your challenges, identify the gaps and recommend specific recruitment solutions that address your distinctive workforce needs. Our highly customised RPO solutions ride on our proprietary technology to help you find and recruit top talent.

Sourcing and Screening

Targeted Recruitment

Analytics and Reporting

Employer Branding

Workforce Planning

We carry out proactive recruitment process outsourcing to find passive candidates with stringent screening processes in place to ensure we attract quality talents – we give you insight into every candidate’s potential with customizable talent acquisition tactics to gather the best pool of applicants for any role required.

With strong market knowledge, we champion predetermined plans with recruitment process outsourcing to source the best candidates with characteristics and skills that match your criteria. We are responsible for your success in building human capital, armed with a comprehensive suite of recruitment advertising tactics, including factoring key items such as skill set, experience and more.

We adopt data-driven methods and in-market knowledge for recruitment. Our integrated solution scans multiple sources while extracting profiles according to our search input. We leverage robust analytics tracking for insights, trends, and indicators of future candidate profiles.

We help you position your company and business to target potential candidates that match your objective. With strong employer branding, we amplify your position within the job market to give you more leverage when it comes to hiring.

We help you acquire the best talent for your business according to your current needs and future goals or roadmap by analysing factors such as weaknesses and opportunities, while determining talent management techniques to ensure we can fulfil your criteria accordingly with our recruitment process outsourcing.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) in Hong Kong

As a company with a recruitment process outsourcing in Hong Kong, we build plans to attract and recruit the best talents while creating a database of potential candidates that we can tap into when required.

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Our service are delivered through five key methods of sourcing and screening, targeted recruitment, analytics and reporting, employer branding, and workforce planning. These methods work together to allow us to acquire potential applicants that align with your business needs and push forward your goals.

Find the top recruitment process outsourcing company in Hong Kong for your business

Choosing an RPO company in Hong Kong is finding a service that understands your needs. With TG Group, our key methods are aligned with every client’s needs by customisation to ensure we give you holistic hiring solutions.

When choosing a recruitment process outsourcing company, engage one with in-market knowledge, data-driven methods, and strong solutions such as TG Group. Our clients entrust us with strengthening their human capital because our methods ensure a great selection of applicants.

Hire the best talent in Hong Kong with RPO services

The importance of hiring a recruitment process outsourcing company is for businesses to build value with one of the greatest assets we know – human capital. Thus, many turn to services that deploy a recruitment process outsourcing solution.

Nowadays, recruitment is more than just posting a job advert or finding talent on conventional job boards. Instead, RPO services utilise analytics, technology, and other innovative strategies to attract the right talent.

A cost-effective strategy with recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing is cost-effective in several ways. It manages hiring fluctuations, assists internal hiring managers, and is time-saving as the process works effectively with key market insights, technology, and other practices.

Acquiring an RPO service in Hong Kong, such as TG Group, can prove beneficial in factors such as the management of high-volume hiring. We are here for you with our recruitment process outsourcing solution in Hong Kong that helps you navigate workforce challenges.

Talk to us if you want to find out more about our RPO service pricing. Our team will try to understand your needs and tailor a plan for seamless talent acquisition with costing.


We strive to match qualified talents with organisations by providing HR support to accelerate growth in all markets.

Life Sciences

Pursue skilled pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device professionals to the life sciences industry.

Life Sciences

Banking & Finance

Connect with qualified insurance, banking and finance talents to boost economic returns.

Banking & Financial Services

Engineering & Manufacturing

Find the right engineering & operational talents suited for a myriad of industries.

Banking & Financial Services

Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Seek the right talents that are passionate to make the world a better place for communities.

Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Information & Communications Technology

Expand your tech business rapidly with technology skilled talents from over 50 markets.

Information and Communications Technology

Professional Services

Expand your business and connect with the right professional network to meet organisational objectives.

Professional Services

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FSG TG has been committed to provide a win-win customer relationship with us. It has exhibited dedication and commitment to ensure the assigned tasks are completed in a timely and responsible manner. FSG TG is able to maintain the expected level of services, and provide prompt responses and timely resolutions to meet our requirements.

Singapore Statutory Board

FSG TG is engaged by us to administer the monthly payroll of the beneficiaries. FSG TG has been prompt in the service delivery to process an average of 500 beneficiaries’ salaries per month and they are responsive to any query from us and/or the beneficiary. FSG TG is also accommodating to any special urgent request to process the salary in advance of the pay day to assist our low income beneficiaries in tiding over urgent financial situations. We have been pleased with the prompt and excellent service provision by FSG TG thus far. We strongly believe FSG TG would also provide the same excellent service standard to your organisation.

Community Development Council

Being a global company, it is extremely pivotal for us to conform to the ever-changing and stringent compliance standards of an international workforce as we venture into foreign countries. Before we engaged with FSG TG, we had an inefficient agent that did not have the capabilities and expertise in registering foreign work visas for their employees. With FSG TG, we were able to continuously monitor the critical legal and regulatory information, to ensure that our employees were hired compliantly with the relevant work visas. FSG TG’s expertise in labour regulations and knowledge of compliance trends has enabled us to forge a sense of trust as our PEO agent.

Energy Industry

We are happy to make a recommendation of APBA TG Human Resource Pte. Ltd. to companies that require manpower resources for operational needs, as they are efficient and provide a high level of service. They have continuously helped us to recruit good candidates for administration and customer service executive roles over the past 7 years since 2015.

Statutory Board


We deliver a comprehensive suite of innovative human capital solutions to help our clients achieve greater business success.

With years in the business as a global workforce solutions provider, our HR consultants are equipped with international expertise and local know-how to provide a comprehensive suite of human capital solutions to our clients that fit their business needs.

Human Capital Management Experience

At TG, we believe that human capital is the greatest asset to any institution. With our bespoke workforce solutions, we strive to match qualified talents with organisations to find new ways to connect and work together to boost economic returns.

Bespoke Workforce Solutions

With a strong track record of servicing reputable clients from the government sector and different industries, we have established strong relationships with our customers based on trust and reliability.

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