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Managing an emerging workforce is one of the key challenges of international business expansion, and it is more critical without a local entity set up in that particular country. The new normal has also resulted in businesses changing hiring practices and reducing costs where possible, posing a hindrance to international expansion opportunities. However, this doesn’t mean that companies have to put a halt to their international expansion plans despite it being a daunting process.

Even without establishing a legal entity, a Global Employer of Record (EOR) is able to elevate your go-to-market strategy by making it more robust and efficient to drive seamless international expansion. It is also known as a joint employment relationship with an employer by leasing employees to the employer. By partnering with TG as your Employer of Record, we take on your human capital management function to make employee leasing a seamless process for you.


Our one-stop suite of HR solutions provides you with end-to-end services ranging from global recruitment to payroll outsourcing. Get a headstart in overseas business expansion with our comprehensive international EOR services while focusing on other strategic, profit-generating business activities.

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Labour Law Compliance

International Recruitment

Benefits Management

Payroll Processing

Engaging in our Global Employer of Record services is a step towards your business success. Our EOR services allow for a robust and cost-effective solution that helps in accelerating your global expansion into other countries. We take care of Human Resource functions as you focus on your business.

Our Global Employer of Record services are inclusive of complying with legalities such as local labour laws. We are experts in ensuring all human resource functions are compliant to give your business the best chance to grow in new markets, while also reducing overhead costs with a structured framework that adheres to localised compliance legislations and culture.

Hiring with an Employer of Record service is a strategic decision as it gives you room to work towards full expansion and incorporation without setting up a physical entity. We provide insights into the latest human resource trends and regulations and insights to help you achieve long-term business success.

The benefits of your workforce matter. In other markets, the regulations can differ, which is where we come in with our Global Employer of Record services. We manage your international employee benefits, inclusive of insurance, compensation, and retirement, among others.

We can provide critical support with our Global Employer of Record services that can drive your workforce, especially payroll processing. Our focus is to ensure your human resource factors are covered end-to-end to give you space to grow your business in other key areas.

The critical role of a Global Employer of Record and PEO in Hong Kong for market expansion

Setting up a global workforce means you have different laws that you must comply with. With the new landscapes resulting from the pandemic, additional hiring practices and cost reductions may be required.

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Businesses go on despite challenges from uncertain times, which is why we bring attention to the need for a Global Employer of Record (EOR) – it powers your go-to-market strategy through robust and efficient processes, driving seamless expansion plans. A Global EOR helps businesses enter new markets without a local entity, saving them time and money for them to focus on strategic activities. This also creates opportunities for small to medium-sized businesses to enjoy the benefits of big businesses.

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) versus Employer of Record (EOR)

TG Group is a Recognised Global Employer of Record, also known as a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) – these two terms are used interchangeably, and both refer to a service that covers human resource activities such as payroll outsourcing, international recruitment and more.As a PEO service provider, we assist in kick-starting your business expansion plans with our comprehensive suite of solutions that work end-to-end. International expansion benefits much from our solution as you focus on strategic, profit-generating business activities.

Understanding if a PEO service provider or foreign entity is for you

Our international PEO service in Hong Kong helps businesses with market expansion by reducing the risks, costs and complex processing required in establishing a foreign entity. While some companies may establish a foreign entity by engaging independent contractors, this method proves to be risky and expensive, leading to penalties if the processes are not followed compliantly.To know if you should engage in a PEO service company in Hong Kong or set up a foreign entity, answer the following questions:

  • Are you certain of the business potential and returns of the foreign market?
  • Are you familiar with the local labour regulations?
  • Can your current HR team manage the additional team in the foreign market?
  • Do you have an extensive global expansion budget?

If most of your answers are “no” or you are unsure, it is best to utilise a PEO service in Hong Kong. If you have answered yes, then it is best you establish a foreign entity.

Making the right service selection for your company needs

Choosing a PEO service provider in Hong Kong is crucial for companies wanting to venture into other countries. TG Group offers a broad suite of solutions that covers everything you need to start your operations overseas.We are one of the top and largest PEO companies with 100 years of human capital experience in both the B2C and B2B landscape. Our extensive network of partners and regional presence in more than 50 countries allow companies to expand seamlessly and surpass geographical boundaries, especially those brought upon during these unprecedented times.With our strong expertise and proven track record in employing, onboarding, and managing a global workforce, our PEO HR service in Hong Kong effectively addresses complex HR workforce problems and optimises expansion strategies during the new normal.As your PEO service provider, we will become your Global Employer of Record for tax purposes while administratively managing every aspect of recruitment, contract administration, payroll processing, benefits management, and retention. Get started and make an inquiry with us today.


We strive to match qualified talents with organisations by providing HR support to accelerate growth in all markets.

Life Sciences

Pursue skilled pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device professionals to the life sciences industry.

Life Sciences

Banking & Finance

Connect with qualified insurance, banking and finance talents to boost economic returns.

Banking & Financial Services

Engineering & Manufacturing

Find the right engineering & operational talents suited for a myriad of industries.

Banking & Financial Services

Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Seek the right talents that are passionate to make the world a better place for communities.

Urban Solutions & Sustainability

Information & Communications Technology

Expand your tech business rapidly with technology skilled talents from over 50 markets.

Information and Communications Technology

Professional Services

Expand your business and connect with the right professional network to meet organisational objectives.

Professional Services

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FSG TG has been committed to provide a win-win customer relationship with us. It has exhibited dedication and commitment to ensure the assigned tasks are completed in a timely and responsible manner. FSG TG is able to maintain the expected level of services, and provide prompt responses and timely resolutions to meet our requirements.

Singapore Statutory Board

FSG TG is engaged by us to administer the monthly payroll of the beneficiaries. FSG TG has been prompt in the service delivery to process an average of 500 beneficiaries’ salaries per month and they are responsive to any query from us and/or the beneficiary. FSG TG is also accommodating to any special urgent request to process the salary in advance of the pay day to assist our low income beneficiaries in tiding over urgent financial situations. We have been pleased with the prompt and excellent service provision by FSG TG thus far. We strongly believe FSG TG would also provide the same excellent service standard to your organisation.

Community Development Council

Being a global company, it is extremely pivotal for us to conform to the ever-changing and stringent compliance standards of an international workforce as we venture into foreign countries. Before we engaged with FSG TG, we had an inefficient agent that did not have the capabilities and expertise in registering foreign work visas for their employees. With FSG TG, we were able to continuously monitor the critical legal and regulatory information, to ensure that our employees were hired compliantly with the relevant work visas. FSG TG’s expertise in labour regulations and knowledge of compliance trends has enabled us to forge a sense of trust as our PEO agent.

Energy Industry

We are happy to make a recommendation of APBA TG Human Resource Pte. Ltd. to companies that require manpower resources for operational needs, as they are efficient and provide a high level of service. They have continuously helped us to recruit good candidates for administration and customer service executive roles over the past 7 years since 2015.

Statutory Board


We deliver a comprehensive suite of innovative human capital solutions to help our clients achieve greater business success.

With years in the business as a global workforce solutions provider, our HR consultants are equipped with international expertise and local know-how to provide a comprehensive suite of human capital solutions to our clients that fit their business needs.

Human Capital Management Experience

At TG, we believe that human capital is the greatest asset to any institution. With our bespoke workforce solutions, we strive to match qualified talents with organisations to find new ways to connect and work together to boost economic returns.

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With a strong track record of servicing reputable clients from the government sector and different industries, we have established strong relationships with our customers based on trust and reliability.

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