Securing Talents in a Timely Manner

The world of work has evolved rapidly in the past two decades making talent management a complex matter. Certain professions are facing a scarce talent pool and the increased mobility of talents has added to the recruitment difficulty for all employers.  

Additionally, a more diverse workforce and increased regulatory labour restrictions are testing the resources of employers in attracting, retaining, developing and engaging these human assets. However, these talent management concerns can be eased with the help of a recruitment agency.  

Here 3 Benefits of Hiring a Recruitment Agency for Permanent Placements: 

Source for qualified and matching talents 

Hiring candidates that match the skills required and have a progressive attitude is a challenge in today’s competitive job market. 

Some companies have limited access to a larger talent pool, so they should work with a recruitment agency with deep domestic resources and a global network. The collaboration enables them to secure the right talents in a timely manner through the recruitment agency’s extensive talent pool and professional sourcing method. 

Recruit talents from professional and technical fields 

Certain professions, such as oil and gas, green energy, and telecommunications, require candidates with specialised knowledge.  

A recruitment agency taps into its talent database that includes specific industries to help companies identify potential candidates with relevant skill sets and experience. The agency informs the talent about the job opportunity and builds a link between the candidate and the hiring company.  

Automated talent acquisition process saves time 

Recruitment agencies have their applicant tracking system (ATS) that enables automated sourcing of candidates. Using an ATS linked to internal and external databases increases the efficiency of the recruitment process.

By collaborating with a recruitment agency, companies will enjoy the support of a streamlined recruitment process from talent mapping, sourcing, screening, and interviewing to hiring.


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