Leveraging HR Data

Organisations are increasingly incorporating data analytics into their HR processes, such as employee self-service (ESS), online recruiting, web-based training, and online applicant testing. However, there are still areas for improvement and utilising HR data more efficiently.  

Here are 4 Ways of Leveraging HR Data:  

Change the Mindset of Your People to Be Data-First 

Building a data-driven organisation that relies on and functions within an analytics space starts with changing your corporate culture. The culture must encourage employees to appreciate data-driven thinking – and that change must be delivered from the top. 

Start Small, Focus on Clean Data 

As most HR teams are working with different systems that are not connected to one another, collecting unified data is a true challenge. This leads to a lack of cohesive data that provides deep, mind-changing insights. 

Start small by picking a few KPIs aligned with the business strategy and work on getting clean data to generate results. 

Prioritise Your Organisation’s Business Goals 

Workforce analytics has to be aligned with an organisation’s business goals to drive real value. Everyone contributing to the workforce analytics process needs to be briefed on the overarching business strategies, so they can understand how their analysis contributes. 

Take Steps Toward Talent Retention 

HR departments should use big data to get at the most important metric – how employees feel and what they need to succeed. 

By applying predictive and prescriptive analytics software to employee feedback, companies can easily sort through large amounts of data, uncover insights to understand employees better and take proactive steps to develop and retain their talent.


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