5 Simple Tips to Power Up Productivity in Your Back Office

According to an independent report, aptly named “Sweating the Small Stuff”, an average of 120-man hours are lost to tedious administrative bureaucracy every year!

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, if that doesn’t sound like a huge potential area for improvement, we don’t know what is! That’s a whopping amount of 120-man hours that if appropriately channeled to productive tasks like customer acquisition, and business development, would make a significant impact on the bottom line.

Wondering you can start implementing in your business or department today to help get that “lost admin time back”? Here are 5 simple tips to consider:


Identify What You Can Stop Doing

The first step to freeing up your employee’s time for productive work is to streamline their work processes.

Start by having them list down their daily tasks and prioritize them in order of the ROI that each task generates. Find any that are taking up too much time and not adding significant value? Either eliminate them altogether or find an automated solution for it.

Leverage Automation & Productivity Tools

In a global survey, more than 85% of surveyed employees believe that they should not be wasting their time on tasks that can be automated.

From cloud accounting software to employee payroll systems, there are now plenty of off-the-shelf and even customizable technology solutions for companies of every kind.

What’s more, adopting these systems is not only great for productivity, but also reduces the chances for human errors, and provides a centralized database of big data!

Upskill Employees to Adopt Productivity Tools

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that the technology alone will resolve all their productivity issues. But that is not the case.

Implementing the tools organization-wide is one thing, upskilling your staff to be able to utilize the platforms appropriately and maximize their value is another.

So always make sure that your employees are on-board with the implementation and undergo regular training to keep them up to date.

Learn To Push Back

Saying “yes” all the time can often lead to overworked teams rushing out reports and presentations with little value-add.

Instead, learn to push back and question the underlying intention. By asking the important questions, like “what are you trying to uncover?”, you may be able to provide information from existing reports or even a quick answer that may not require all that extra footwork.

Tap On External Resources

Find that your team is overloaded with administrative tasks that they are unable to focus on strategic matters or their core workload?

Consider delegating to external experts who are well-trained in the area instead. This way you can not only achieve operation and cost efficiency but also free your team to focus on higher-value tasks and boost both productivity and morale in the long run.


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